Orthodontic treatment is different for everyone, but there are certain aspects we can prepare you for in advance. At Olson Orthodontics, the doctor visits each patient and places all appliances at every visit. After appointments, assistants or doctors update you on the progress of treatment and discuss any concerns noted during the appointment.

We see patients an average of once a month, so we can effectively monitor treatment progress. Thanks to our efficient services, we finish the majority of all treatment plans on or before the predicted date. If we need to extend the length of a treatment, we will discuss the reasons why and the necessary changes with you.

We take pride in our small, family feel where every patient and parent should feel welcome to speak directly to our staff, including the doctors. We encourage you to share your concerns with us so we can quickly alleviate your worries.

Our staff enjoys working with general dentists and will provide correspondence with them throughout treatment. Dr. Lauren and Dr. Satrom personally speak to your dentists with any concerns or special circumstances during treatment.

Olson Orthodontics also provides a complete breakdown of costs for transfer patients. We will outline how we will complete your treatment or which treatments we accomplished before the patient transfers out. As such, we are very welcoming to military families.