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What is AcceleDent®?



Dr. Lauren Olson is proud to offer AcceleDent as a treatment option!

What is Acceledent®?

Dr. Lauren Olson is a proud provider of AcceleDent®. AcceleDent® is the most advanced device in orthodontic treatment. It is used to rapidly decrease the duration of patient treatment time. AcceleDent is an easy-to-use mouthpiece that significantly speeds up treatment time. Through a series of micropulses and vibrations, AcceleDent® moves your teeth into their correct positions up to 50% faster! AcceleDent® can significantly reduce the possibility of any discomfort throughout your treatment.

How Does It Work?

AcceleDent offers efficiency and comfort throughout treatment, while also being incredibly easy to use! First, you put the AcceleDent® device in your mouth for 20 minutes daily. The pulses from the mouthpiece target the root of your teeth. Then, pulses from the mouthpiece quickly guide your teeth into their desired locations. Watch this video to see how AcceleDent® works!

If you would like to learn more about all that AcceleDent has to offer, call our office! We are waiting to assist you. If you think AcceleDent® might be a good option for you, be sure to let Dr. Olson know and schedule your appointment today!

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