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Wedding Bells & Smiles

Olson Bridal

Recently, Olson Orthodontics set up a booth at a local bridal show. Why a bridal show? Typically you’ll see things like flowers, dresses, and honeymoons, but brides deserve to have that perfect smile for their wedding day. That’s where we come in.

With Invisalign® we can make that dream a reality before the big day. What if you’re pressed for time? No big deal. With Invisalign® we can get the ball rolling and use technology, such as AcceleDent® or Propel®, to speed things up by 50%. And even if we’re not 100% done, there’s no braces to worry about for the pictures. We can just pause treatment and resume after the honeymoon.

A lot of preparation goes into creating the perfect day, shouldn’t a perfect smile be included?

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