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Timely Treatment You Can Trust

Timely Treatment You Can Trust

“Appointments were always on time” –Jeff M

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We know that you are working to fit orthodontic visits into your already busy schedule. That is why the Olson Orthodontics team works so hard to stay on schedule with our appointments each day!

Efficiency is Key

Patient visits are usually scheduled for once a month so we can effectively monitor the treatment process. Thanks to our efficient services, we finish the majority of all treatment plans on or before the predicted date. On the rare occasion when we need to extend the length of a patient’s treatment, we always discuss the reasons why and the necessary changes with the patient.

Need braces in O’Fallon?

Are you a parent looking for a children’s orthodontist in O’Fallon? Or are you researching adult braces options for you? Then you’ve come to the right place! Olson Orthodontics loves working with children and adults of all ages. Our goal is to see your new smile transform your life, bringing you a healthy bite and increased confidence.

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