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The Invisalign Option

olson ortho invisalign

Invisalign as an option for Orthodontic Treatment:

With the addition to Invisalign as being an option for aligning teeth, many patients (adults and teenagers) who were against having orthodontic treatment have made the decision to pursue straightening their teeth and achieving that beautiful smile they have always wanted. There are many reasons why Invisalign is a great option for patients. Patients who are against having the brackets glued to the front of their teeth now have a more “invisible” option. Many common orthodontic concerns can still be effectively treated with Invisalign. For patients who may have more difficulty cleaning or who are worried about trying to maintain proper hygiene with brackets and bands in place, now have an option that allows them to brush and floss easily.

If the time constraint of seeing the Orthodontist was a concern, most of the appointments are quick and easy with tracking the process of the aligners. If the trays are tracking well, the appointments may only take about 5 minutes to monitor the progress and give the patients more aligners. Patients change the Invisalign aligners at two week intervals at home and usually see the doctor for progress checks at every 6-8 weeks. No more worry about extra or emergency visits for broken brackets or wires poking. If a patient has minor crowding of their teeth and or shifting from previous orthodontic treatment and lack of wearing a retainer, Invisalign is a great option to quickly touch up those problem areas.

Being an orthodontic specialist for the O’Fallon area, Dr. Hood-Olson is a certified provider of Invisalign and can also use many other treatment options in conjunction with Invisalign to make sure patients are completely happy with their smiles.

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