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Teeth Whitening Services


teeth whitening

Are you or a family member interested in teeth whitening? One of the most common concerns people have about their teeth is the color of them. Are you worried that your teeth will not be as white as you would like them after orthodontic treatment? Some people experience white spots or stains on their teeth after braces or Invisalign®, but Olson Orthodontics has options to help!

Teeth Whitening Options at Olson Orthodontics

Our office offers teeth whitening options for patients who have Invisalign® clear aligners and those who have orthodontic treatment with traditional braces. If this is something that you would like more information on, simply talk to Dr. Lauren Olson or one of the team members at your next appointment.

Option 1: Eversmile White Foam

We sell Eversmile White foam during Invisalign® treatment. This foam cleaning solution helps remove build up in your trays as well as any plaque build up on your teeth. It also helps prevent any yellowing that could occur during treatment. You can use it during treatment with your aligners and post-treatment with your clear retainers. It is quick and easy to apply, you add the aligner cleaning foam to your trays, pop them back in, and go on with your day—no brushing, rinsing or soaking necessary.

Option 2: Opalescence GO

We also sell Opalescence GO tray sets after orthodontic treatments. Opalescence Go contains prefilled whitening trays that has professional strength teeth whitening. The tray easily molds to any smile and is ready to use right out of the box. It’s fast, simple and effective. The trays are comfortable and have molar to molar coverage so that more teeth receive the whitening gel. This option is great for anyone!

Option 3: Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed

The Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed is our newest option that consists of an in-office whitening treatment that takes about one hour. Zoom utilizes light-accelerated technology that speeds up the whitening process. In most cases, you can tell a difference in one visit! Our team is trained with the system and will work with you to make it a comfortable experience!

Remember Good Oral Hygiene

We can also make custom trays for you to use at home with any whitening gel. In addition, it is very important that you keep up good brushing habits during treatment. Good brushing and flossing will help keep your teeth healthy and avoid staining. Last but not least, remember to still see your dentist for a cleaning every six months while you are in orthodontic treatment. This step is vital in keeping your teeth healthy and white! As always, let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to help and want your smile to be exactly what you want it to be!

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