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Something You Missed in 2020 Contest

Something you missed in 2020 Summer Contest Olson Orthodontics

It is amazing to see life starting to get back to “normal”. While we might not ever get back to the way it was before, we want to take the time to celebrate this summer! Our summer 2021 contest has started! Entering in this contest is easy, just simply share a photo with us of something you missed out on in 2020.

To enter the summer contest:

  • Text  (618) 624-0800 or email your photo (olsonsmiles@gmail.com)
  • Include your name and what you are doing!

One lucky winner will win either a gift certificate to I Scream/ U Scream or a summer gift bag. Take this opportunity to share something we are thankful to be able to enjoy this summer! Contest ends on August 27th! We can’t wait to see your photos and share the joy of summertime!

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