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Congrats on reaching the end of your journey toward the smile you have always wanted. Now you are ready for your retainers!

Once you have your braces removed, you will move into the retention period of your orthodontic treatment. The retention phase is the last phase of treatment which includes keeping your teeth in their new positions. Teeth naturally want to shift over time due to everyday activities like eating and growing. Other things like grinding your teeth and sleep apnea can also lead to tooth movement. For these reasons, retainers are vital in keeping your smile straight and healthy.

Wear your retainers as Dr. Lauren Olson has instructed. Your retainer is created specifically for you and will keep your teeth in their new positions. Remember to put your retainer in its case when you are not wearing it to avoid losing it. You can continue to wear your retainer for as long as you want to keep your smile straight. If you do not wear your retainer, there is a chance you could need braces or other orthodontic treatment again.

To help your retainer last, it is important to take good care of it. We suggest cleaning your retainer daily when you remove it in the morning. Get a small amount of hand soap and rub the soap into your retainer with your hands. Make sure to rinse it very well and put it directly into the case for safe storage. You can use and old toothbrush to help remove any spots.

Lost or broke your retainers? Do not worry, we can help! If you cannot find your retainer or a piece of it broke, give us a call and schedule a retainer checkup. If broken, Dr. Olson will inspect the retainer and decide if we can fix it or if a new one is needed. If lost, we can make you a new one. Please note that depending on the situation, there may be a cost for a new retainer.

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