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What are 3M Clarity Aligners?
3M Clarity Aligners are a discreet, removable way to correct your smile that is custom designed and virtually invisible. Gentle pressure is put on your teeth to gradually move them into their ideal placement by using a series of clear trays, called… you guessed it – aligners! Your aligners are custom-made to your individual needs and smile goals.

What are the Pros of 3M Clarity Aligners?
· Nearly Invisible – Patients who want a subtle way to correct their smile are going to love this orthodontic option. The clear plastic trays are virtually undetectable when worn. Aligners are an especially great option for adults!
· Removable – We love that aligners are removable. This makes it easier to brush and floss your teeth than with traditional metal braces. You also take them out of your mouth to eat, meaning that food won’t get stuck in them!
· Customized – This clear aligner system is a custom fit for your smile. Just like our patients, no two 3M Clarity are alike!
· Convenient – One of the benefits of 3M Clarity Aligners is fewer office appointments. Of course, our team always loves to see your smiling face, but we know that making time to get your braces tightened can be inconvenient. With this system, you switch your trays at home every couple of weeks, reducing the need for as many office visits. The trays also make it much more convenient to clean your teeth and maintain good oral habits.

Do They Work as Well as Braces?
Good question. Easy answer. YES! You can rest assured that after you have completed treatment with 3M Clarity Aligners, you will be as happy with your smile as you would be with traditional braces.

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