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Scott Patriot Program


Dr. Olson has recently joined the Scott Patriot Program and Olson Orthodontics is proud to be called a Scott Patriot! The program is a support foundation for the Scott Air Force base to ensure to others that our practice is military-friendly. Olson Orthodontics offers military discounts and hosts programs that support our troops, such as the candy drive we did in October.

Dr. Lauren currently provides care to many military families. For those patients transferring in or out, the process is made very simple. The estimates of both cost and length of time to complete your treatment are provided to you on your first visit. If moving, all costs are provided to you prior to your departure, and you will leave with all transfer records in hand at your last appointment.

Dr. Kirk Satrom, who practices on a limited basis, is retired Air Force, and since foundation of the practice in 1999, made this practice military-friendly. Dr. Lauren continues to carry on that strong reputation.

The team at Olson Orthodontics support our troops, especially the ones at Scott Air Force Base, and are thankful for all that they do! Whether you are a military family in need of braces, Invisalign®, or other orthodontic treatment, we can help! Here at Olson Orthodontics, believe in Smiles for the Whole Family!

To read more about the Scott Patriot Program, visit scottpatriot.com. If you would like more information about the services we provide, please contact Olson Orthodontics at (618) 624-0800.

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