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Rubber Bands are Essential to Your Treatment

rubber bands

Your rubber bands are a necessary part of your orthodontic appliance. If we include them in your treatment plan, we recommend that you wear them at all times except when brushing your teeth or eating meals.

Why Wear Rubber Bands?

Some patients may incorrectly think their bands aren’t essential to their treatment success. Let’s take a look at the different parts of braces so you understand their functions:

Brackets: small, metal squares that adhere to your teeth Archwire: metal wires that join the brackets together to help move teeth Ligatures: parts that hold the archwire in place between orthodontic visits Rubber Bands: elastic bands connecting the brackets and hooks

Typically, the elastic bands connect the top and bottom brackets to adjust the position of the teeth and jaw. While you may not realize it, the bands play an important role in how quickly your treatment progresses. If you decide not to wear them, you will compromise your treatment time and possibly add to the cost of your treatment.

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