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Retainers after Braces: Clean Retainers

retainers after braces

Getting retainers after braces can ensure your teeth remain in their prescribed positions after you complete orthodontic treatment. At Olson Orthodontics, we believe braces are an investment, but this only applies if you remain committed to the retention phase—always wearing a retainer after your braces come off.

Cleaning Your Teeth Retainer

While continuing to wear your retainer is important, keeping retainers clean is also crucial to your oral health. Bacteria can form on your retainer 24 hours a day, but proper sanitation can help keep your teeth and gums healthy. We advise you to regularly clean your orthodontic retainer if you want to keep it and your mouth in mint condition for as long as you can.

Below are some facts and tips about retainers and your oral hygiene.

Clean your retainer immediately after removing it to keep food and drinks from hardening onto the surface. Use a little bit of mild soap and brush the retainer with a toothbrush—not the same one you brush your teeth with—to clean it properly. Remove any hard, white calcium spots with over-the-counter denture cleaning tablets. You may be able to find cleaning tablets made specifically for retainers, but they can cost more than denture cleaners. Avoid putting your retainer in the dishwasher or boiling on the stove or in the microwave. Extremely hot temperatures can warp the material. If this happens, your retainer may not fit correctly. (Keep in mind that your first retainer is included in your orthodontic treatment, but you must pay for additional retainers separately.)

Healthy Smiles for Life

No matter what, wear your retainer every day. We want your beautiful smile to last you your whole life! If you have questions about the retention phase or need a new retainer, contact our office today.

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