Dr. Olson and the team love hearing feedback from patients. It is important to us that we continue to provide excellent customer service. Here are a couple of patients that chose to share their experience at our office!

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care possible for our patients. This goes beyond an orthodontist providing the finest orthodontic treatment. We believe quality care includes your overall impression of our office.

Quality care to us means concern, courtesy, friendliness, and an appreciative attitude of your business.

Our goal is to consistently provide excellent treatment in a caring, friendly, and clean environment. Whether in person or on the phone, we aim to give a lasting impression. It is our policy to treat each patient the way we want to be treated—with understanding, sympathy, and consideration.

We know you have valid concerns. “Is this orthodontist the right one for me?” “How much do braces cost?” “How much does Invisalign® cost?” “When will I finish treatment?” When you contact our office, our warm, friendly staff is available to help answer your questions and make you feel like the valued customer you are. We promise you will feel like part of the Olson Orthodontic family from the very first visit.

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What To Expect

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Orthodontic treatment is different for everyone, but there are certain aspects we can prepare you for in advance. At Olson Orthodontics, the doctor visits each patient and places all appliances at every visit. After appointments, assistants or doctors update you on the progress of treatment and discuss any concerns noted during the appointment.

We see patients an average of once a month, so we can effectively monitor treatment progress. Thanks to our efficient services, we finish the majority of all treatment plans on or before the predicted date. If we need to extend the length of a treatment, we will discuss the reasons why and the necessary changes with you.

We take pride in our small, family feel where every patient and parent should feel welcome to speak directly to our staff, including the doctors. We encourage you to share your concerns with us so we can quickly alleviate your worries.

Our staff enjoys working with general dentists and will provide correspondence with them throughout treatment. Dr. Lauren and Dr. Satrom personally speak to your dentists with any concerns or special circumstances during treatment.

Olson Orthodontics also provides a complete breakdown of costs for transfer patients. We will outline how we will complete your treatment or which treatments we accomplished before the patient transfers out. As such, we are very welcoming to military families.

New Patient Forms

The Olson Orthodontics team is excited to meet you! We now offer the ability for new patients to schedule their appointment online! Simply click below, fill out the registration information, and choose your appointment time.


Once you have scheduled your appointment, it will save you time at your first visit to have the below forms already filled out. If you click each one, you can download the form and fill it out before your scheduled appointment time.

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Please feel free to call our office with any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!