Welcome! Thank you in your interest in a consultation with our office for Invisalign® clear aligners or braces!

Virtual New Patient Appointments

To help Dr. Lauren Olson evaluate your orthodontic needs virtually, we need to see a few photos of your teeth. The pictures will help Dr. Olson evaluate how long your treatment would be and how much the orthodontic treatment investment would be for you. If you have not already done so, please fill out our new patient forms. You can print out the forms and then send a scan or photos of the paperwork via email: xraysolsonbraces@gmail.com or text: (618) 624-0800. Next, follow the directions below to text us the requested photos at (618) 624-0800. Dr. Olson will do an initial evaluation as to which treatments would be best for you and the timing involved.
A member from our team will then get back in touch with you to schedule a call or virtual meeting at a time that will work with your schedule to go over her findings and answer any questions you may have about treatment with our office. If you would like to receive financial information, we will also find out any insurance information that may apply.

Taking New Patient Photos

Text the following three photos to (618) 624-0800. A cell phone works fine for taking the pictures, and it is probably best to have a family member or friend help you take them. With an open mouth, tilt your head either up or down to get your teeth in the picture and take the following five photos like the examples below:

  • Front view of your teeth – show as much of your teeth as possible
  • Right side of your teeth – use your finger to gently pull your gums and cheek back
  • Left side of your teeth – use your finger to gently pull your gums and cheek back
  • Top teeth – look up and try to get all of your top teeth in the photo
  • Bottom teeth – pull your tongue back so it is not covering any of your teeth

Please include the patient’s full name in your text message, as well as any concerns you or your general dentist may have. (examples: teeth not fitting together well, dislike the spaces, options due to missing teeth, etc.)

Once you have completed your submission, allow a few days for Dr. Lauren to look at your photos and reply with her recommendations necessary. Unfortunately, due to the inability of the doctor to take additional necessary records like radiographs and see you in person to accurately evaluate how your teeth fit together, the treatment plan and cost may have to be amended once we take the full records at your initial appointment with us. Call us with any questions! We look forward to seeing you smile!