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New iTero Technology Offered at Olson Orthodontics

What is iTero Technology?

iTero is a revolutionary new scanner that was designed to create 3D dental impressions. These impressions are then used as molds for creating a range of orthodontic appliances like braces, retainers, or expanders. iTero technology uses a handheld device to scan a patient’s mouth and create precise, digital 3D images. This technology replaces the “old” uncomfortable way of taking impressions which was with gummy putty put in dental trays that were put in your mouth.

iTero impressions ensure the accuracy of impressions, are much faster, and more comfortable for the patient. This technology also allows for use in computer software to help plan the alignment of your teeth. Additional benefits when combined with Invisalign®, for example, include the ability to perform a scan and show a patient how their beautifully aligned teeth will look after their Invisalign® treatment.

iTero® – now offered by Olson Orthodontics – means better orthodontic results for our patients.

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