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Mouthguards: Protecting Your Smile


Mouthguards can keep your teeth and gums as well as your jaw protected from injury. If you play sports or other physical activities, Olson Orthodontics strongly recommends that you purchase a mouthguard to keep your teeth and orthodontic appliances safe.

Staying Safe While Staying Active

Many of our patients, especially those who are still in school and active on sports teams, continue to participate in extracurricular activities throughout treatment. Whether you’re in braces or Invisalign, protect your mouth from unexpected injuries with a mouthguard.

In addition to injuring your teeth, gums, and jaw, playing sports also increases your risk of damaging your braces. In most minor cases, you can make repairs at home. However, some severe injuries may damage your appliances beyond repair. If this happens, you may need to pay additional fees to replace your broken appliances.

If you experience a serious injury to your mouth or orthodontic appliance, call our office immediately. Delaying a repair appointment can cause long-term damage to your teeth, gums, and jaw, and may lengthen your overall treatment time. This can also cause an increase in costs to your treatment plan. While we will do everything we can to work with your family’s budget, we must charge for certain broken and damaged appliances. If you have any questions about payments or mouthguards, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Choosing the Right Mouthguard for You

While there are different types available, the most effective option is a custom-made mouthguard. We can ensure they fit the size of your mouth and cover your teeth properly. If you’re interested in a mouthguard but want to learn more about the types we offer and the estimated costs, contact our office! We can help recommend one that will work best with your daily routine and activities.

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