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Kids Love Going to Olson Orthodontics

Dr. Lauren Olson is awesome. My kids love going there, even it’s not their appointment! ~Danielle A.

Thank you Danielle! This quote made our entire team smile for many reasons, but we love that your kids love going. It truly makes our day when we see sweet reviews like this one come in on sites like Google and Yelp. kids love going

Dr. Lauren is Awesome

We are biased, but we agree that Dr. Lauren Hood-Olson is pretty awesome! It is obvious that Dr. Lauren loves her job, her patients and her team. She creates a welcoming and fun environment and works hard to build relationships with her patients and their families.

Kids Love Going

This comment warms our hearts! We understand that it is not easy dragging kids to appointments that they do not want to go to. The Olson Orthodontics team does all that they can to make orthodontic treatment fun and worthwhile. We like to run fun office contests and create something to look forward to.

Treatment for All Ages

It is so amazing that Danielle’s kids like going to appointments even if it is not their own. This means that we can treat all types of patients. It is never too late to get the smile you have always wanted. The American Association of Orthodontists recommend getting an evaluation by an orthodontist at age seven to see if early treatment is needed. Olson Orthodontics loves that we can make a visit to our office a family affair!

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