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Going to the Dentist with Braces or Appliances


Have you wondered if you can go to the dentist with braces on?

The answer is absolutely! Dr. Olson highly recommends that you continue to see your dentist every 6 months while in orthodontic treatment. At your orthodontic appointments, we do not clean your teeth; our focus is on your orthodontic health and the shifting of your teeth. It is very important that you have a dental hygienist clean your teeth, especially since it is easier for food to get stuck in your teeth with braces.

Dr. Olson enjoys working with your general dentist and will provide correspondence with them throughout your treatment time. She will personally speak to your dentists with any concerns or special circumstances during treatment.

Most dentists are accustomed to working around brackets and braces. We recommend letting them know that you have braces on when you schedule your cleaning so that they have a head’s up. If your doctor has any questions at your appointment, do not hesitate to give them our contact info!

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