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Get to Know Dr. Lauren Hood-Olson

Dr. Lauren Hood-Olson grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois called McLeansboro which is about 25 miles southeast of Mt. Vernon. (Go FOXES!) She married her husband (who is a native to O’Fallon) in 2006 after she graduated from dental school. The couple has two children. Avalinn Anne, their daughter, was born in May of 2010, and their son, Watkin Alec, was born in October of 2012. The Olson family are big animal-lovers with many pets including a Giant Schnauzer, Blitz, two cats, Stormy and Thunder, and two guinea pigs, Potato and Patato.

Get to know Dr. Hood-Olson

Dr. Olson’s favorite way to spend a weekend is just hanging out with her family and going to her kid’s extracurricular activities. She loves to be outdoors if it is sunny and warm, but if it’s cold or rainy, a nap or fun craft project is totally her jam! She also enjoys having family dinners when her extended local family can spend time with each other.

Learn more about Dr. Lauren Hood-Olson with these five get-to-know-you questions!

What are 3 random things that someone might not know about Dr. Lauren Hood-Olson? 

  • I was a power tumbler for about 15 years. At the height of my career, I competed in the Junior Olympics. I was set to win the gold after the first day of competition, but due to a judging change in my age division that my coach was unaware of, I was disqualified during the final ranking.
  • I can say my alphabet backward in less than 5 seconds!
  • During my academic career (grade school, high school, college, doctorate, and residency) I achieved all A’s in every class. I really enjoyed learning, but this did not come easy. I had to put in a tremendous amount of effort with a lot of sacrifices to make sure I was excelling in my studies.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 

  • In my everyday life, I would have to say that I must be an extrovert. I do love being around my family, staff, patients, and friends. Speaking to groups of people or taking on leadership roles when asked do not bother me. However, I will say, as I get older, I do find myself enjoying more of my introverted side where I can be alone, relax in a quiet atmosphere, and collect my thoughts or just rest.

If you weren’t an orthodontist, what would you be? 

  • If I weren’t an orthodontist, I’d love to do something that utilizes my interest in design.  Architecture, interior design, or outdoor landscape design are all things that I love. Planning out spaces and thinking through how they can function and esthetically look are activities that I find relaxing.  I love to search for different materials and pair them together. A good personality characteristic I have achieved through life is being able to make decisions quickly and confidently. I am not one to “hem and haw” or second guess on my decisions.

What kind of music does Dr. Lauren Hood-Olson like?

  • My favorite music is country! I grew up in a rural area where life was about dirt roads, farming, good friends, a small-town community, and strong faith. Country music speaks to my heart.

What is your favorite movie?

  • My favorite movie is “A League of Their Own.” Not to mention, Tom Hanks is my favorite actor. A small part of the movie was filmed in a town not too far away from where I lived. I wish I could have been an extra or seen the filming project!
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