Congratulations!! You will be soon able to schedule to get your braces off.

The next visit is NOT to take your braces off, but to check to see if the teeth are in the desired position so you can schedule to get your braces off.

Please take time to look at your teeth and make sure you are happy with the way they look. Once braces are off, we can no longer move them, so make sure you are happy!! If you are happy with the way your teeth look, then we will schedule 2 appointments:

  1. Braces off
  2. Deliver your retainers

After that, you will call as needed for retainer follow up visits.

Please do not schedule a cleaning or whitening of your teeth for at least two weeks after the braces are removed.
Gum tissue is usually puffy and sore and will need time to heal with brushing and flossing. If you want to whiten your teeth, it would be best to wait 2-3 months if you will be required to sleep or wear a tray for an extended period of time. The first couple months are crucial for you to wear your retainers FULL time.

Your teeth may shift slightly as you grow and mature. Wearing a retainer will help avoid any large movements of the teeth, but your bite will naturally adjust over time. Teeth may feel “loose” for up to 6 months after braces are removed. The bone needs time to heal and fully harden around the teeth.


You will be provided with upper and lower removable retainers. Traditional braces patients will get Hawley and Slipcovers. Aligner patients will only get EITHER Hawley OR Slipcover retainers.

1. Hawley Retainer: Wire and plastic retainer that can be made in many different colors. This is the most durable and adjustable type of retainer. It will last many years with proper care. It may have to be replaced due to breakage or many years of wear. It is the least esthetic due to the wire on the front of the teeth, and hardest to talk with.

2. Slipcover or Clear Retainer: Clear plastic that covers all the surfaces of the teeth. It is the most esthetic and easiest to talk with. It is the least durable and will HAVE to be replaced every one to two years to maintain the teeth in the proper position or if any type of dental work is done.

*Bonded Retainer: A small wire glued onto the back of the lower teeth. It requires extra time and care to keep the teeth clean with brushing and flossing. It also can become broken when eating hard, sticky foods, vigorous flossing, biting fingernails, or chewing ice. It may have to be repaired or replaced based on patient habits. For every needed repair, there is a charge. *This choice is only provided by direction of the doctor. This is not a standard choice given to every patient. 

Future Fees: The cost of your initial retainers are included in your treatment fee. This also includes at least one year of follow up visits after the braces are removed. There will be a fee for lost or broken retainers. After one year there will be an appointment fee to continue following retainer wear, unless a special circumstance requires the doctor to follow care longer. If repeated repair is required, then the bonded retainer will be removed and replaced with a removable retainer. There will be a fee for these procedures.