Facemask (Reverse Pull Headgear):

This appliance is used to correct the front-to-back relationship of the upper and lower jaws and teeth. It is designed is pull the upper jaw forward to correct an underbite.
Wear the appliance for AT LEAST 12 hours per day.

If you miss time during the week, you MUST make up the time on the weekend.

What to expect:
• The hooks and wires inside your mouth will poke or rub your cheeks at first, and it will take about a week to get used to them.
• The expander or the bar across the roof of your mouth may affect your speech or swallowing. Take small bites and sips and swallow frequently until you are more comfortable with the appliance.
• There will usually be soreness in the teeth for the first few days. Take a pain reliever if needed.
• The area where the chin and forehead pads rest can become sore or irritated. Take a soft cloth and cut it up to place in those areas. Wash and change this cloth frequently.
Do not wear this appliance to school, a friend’s house, or while playing. Damage to the appliance can occur and cause harm to your teeth if it is hit or bumped too hard.

Remember, the more you wear the facemask, the faster your bite will be corrected! This means you can stop wearing it sooner!