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Common Orthodontic Problems

orthodontic problems

What are some common orthodontic problems?

There are several common orthodontic problems that we can have which would cause us to need orthodontic treatment. Not all of these jaw malformations will greatly affect you in the short term, but they could have serious wear and tear on your teeth and jaws over the long run. We recommend that children see an orthodontist for a complimentary exam at age seven so that you can be made aware of any problems that your child may have. Their teenage years are perfect for treatment because they should have almost all of their permanent teeth and those teeth are working on positioning themselves for adulthood at this time.

First of all, you could have an underbite. An underbite is when your bottom teeth sit in front of your upper teeth. This puts stress on your upper teeth and could lead to cracking, breaking, chipping, or jaw pain. Second, you could have an overbite. With an overbite, your upper teeth sit too far over your bottom teeth and could affect the way you chew. Next, there is cross bite. This occurs when your upper and lower teeth cross at any point. This could cause various side effects like jaw pain, TMJ, or head and cheek pain. The last major concern to look for is an open bite where your upper and lower teeth do not meet at all. An open bite could affect your chewing or cause speech impediments.

There are other orthodontic issues such as gaps in between your teeth or crowding of teeth that should also be taken care of for a healthy smile. If you happen to have a more serious case that involves the need for surgery, Dr. Olson will explain the needed procedure and your options.

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