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Clear Braces & Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners Clear Braces Orthodontist in OFallonDr. Lauren Olson understands that clear braces are a desirable form of treatment for many patients for many different reasons. Clear brackets and clear aligners are a common request for a more discreet treatment option. We are excited to discuss what clear options we have at Olson Orthodontics in this blog. Each patient has a unique case and Dr. Olson will review her suggested treatment plan with you at your initial consultation. Technology has allowed us to offer different options to best fit your lifestyle!

Clear Braces

To begin, clear braces (also called ceramic braces) are an attractive option for patients who want something other than traditional metal braces. With ceramic braces, we use tooth colored brackets that blend in with your teeth in place of metal ones. The small, low profile bracket enhances comfort without compromising strength. Some patients benefit from a more traditional treatment with brackets and wires, and the ceramic brackets allow them to have a not-so-noticeable form of braces. This option is very similar to traditional braces, the biggest difference being that the brackets are clear instead of stainless steel.

Clear Aligners

Second, clear aligners (like Invisalign® or 3M Clarity Aligners) are custom made and removable. Many patients find that the plastic aligners are comfortable and very hard to see. This form of treatment has patients move through a series of aligners over time. Each aligner gradually moves your teeth to their new, desired locations. Sometimes, we use a tooth-colored attachment to help the aligner shift a more difficult move. This attachment bonds to the teeth until the shift has been completed. With clear aligners, you can eat and drink as usual since you remove the aligner when eating and drinking anything other than water. However, this treatment type requires dedication to wearing the aligner as instructed.

Schedule a Complimentary Exam

If you are interested in clear aligners or braces, give us a call or fill out an online appointment request form to get started! Dr. Lauren Olson provides complimentary, no obligation exams to new patients. We review your options and help you find the one that will be best for your unique case. The Olson Orthodontics team is excited to welcome new smiles to the family and can’t wait to meet you!

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