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Bullying Bites 2021

Bullying Bites Olson Orthodontics 2021October was a very busy month for us! Not only was October Orthodontic Health Month, but it’s also Bullying Bites. Bullying Bites is a program that the AAO, American Association of Orthodontics, puts on every year to spread awareness of bullying. Dr. Hood-Olson and the entire Olson Orthodontics team are passionate about putting a stop to bullying. We want to give children the confidence to feel comfortable to keep bullying out of our schools and social media.

Unity Day

Unity Day is a day that represents a world full of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.  This year we decided to join together with other AAO members and orthodontists across the world and we all wore kindness shirts on September 20th, Unity Day.

Pledge Poster

On top of everything else this month, we had a pledge poster up in the office where we asked patients to take the pledge to put a stop to bullying. We loved watching our patients pledge to speak out against bullying, report bullying when they see it happen and make others feel valued and welcome. We want to make sure that standing up against bullying is a long-term commitment to having a positive and kind world!




Bullying Bites Olson Orthodontics 2021Bullying Bites Pledge Poster 2021

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