Problems with Your Bonded Retainer:

You had an area of your bonded retainer that was broken or that you were not adequately cleaning. We were able to repair and/or clean the area, but you must take more caution in caring for the retainer. If hygiene does not improve or the retainer continues to break or become loose, this may not be the best retention plan for you.

Most common reasons for poor cleaning around the bonded retainer:
1. Not brushing effectively in the area. You must angle your toothbrush vertically against the back of your front teeth to clean the retainer.
2. Not flossing under the wire. You MUST floss under the wire. Use a floss threader or Superfloss to get the floss between the teeth and under the wire. Do this on a regular basis to prevent calculus from forming.

Most common reasons for broken bonded retainers:
1. Using a toothpick to clean out food caught in the retainer.
2. Biting into hard foods like apples, carrots, and candy.
3. Biting on finger nails, which flexes the teeth.
4. Chewing ice.
5. Pulling too hard on the retainer when flossing.
6. Grinding or clenching your teeth.

If breakage or poor hygiene occur after more than 2 – 3 visits, removal of the bonded retainer may be required. There WILL BE a charge for removal and fabrication of a new retainer due to poor patient compliance. Unfortunately, the removable retainer may not hold the lower teeth as well as the bonded, and some shifting may be seen.